About DPS

Based in Bristol Connecticut, Development Planning Solutions LLC. is a full service real estate planning and consulting firm. Our focus is on providing developers and municipalities a fresh perspective to development, to the regulations that govern it, and to the economic forces that drive it.

Development Planning Solutions was originally focused on navigating through the eccentricities of the land use processes but has expanded its purview to include assisting developers with all phases of the development process, such as exploring methods of project financing, and structuring agreements and partnerships necessary for mitigating risk, giving development projects the highest chance for success.

Our areas of expertise also allow us to deliver a streamlined approach to real estate management to municipalities. The process of inventorying and evaluating properties advise our public sector clients, ensuring that they are being properly served by their real estate holdings and excess property is returned to the local tax base.

The company focuses on three areas of expertise; Strategic Planning which encompasses all aspects of the land use planning process; Project Development which entails site review, feasibility analysis, Funding Analysis, Budget analysis and more; and Real Estate Asset Management where the company takes the role of an owner’s representative, overseeing all aspects of property management, and planning for the highest and best use of a property.